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From pharmaceutical companies and CROs to hospitals and research sites, clinical research professionals use CT Payer to streamline their clinical trial and other study related payments to provide patients and study participants with a convenient payment option that provides instant gratification.

Here is what they're saying:

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"Our site has been using these since 2008 when we heard about them at the Site Solutions Summit meeting. We love them. They are very low in cost, patients like them, and it cuts down our time on bookkeeping with fewer checks. We don't see a downside. " - Carolyn McElveen, President

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"Prior to using them, we had a lot of difficulty with checks and distributing them in a timely manner. We were looking for a clinical trial payment solution that did not require us to provide patients' SSNs. Our IT department had informed us that that was going to be a big deal." - Ryan Perkins, Senior Accounting Associate

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"Their technology has allowed us to pay patients on the same day they see the doctor. Their online system is very easy to use. Cutting checks was a much longer and more involved process so it was common that we had to inform patients that they would receive their check in the mail." - Susan Motts, Accounts Payable

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"Some of our studies involve phone surveys. Having a reloadable card in the patients hand is a nice retention tool because it allows us to pay them right away and provides patients with instant gratification." - Miriam Portman, Clinical Research Manager

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"We were looking for a better way to make payments to our clinical research associates in Eastern Europe. After viewing CT Payer’s payment solution, we realized how simple and cost-effective the payment process could actually be." - Nick Nikitin, CEO