Why Organizations Choose CT Payer

CT Payer provides organizations in the life science industry with a unique internet based payment solution for the management and disbursement of patient stipends and reimbursements. Replacing traditional paper checks and cash-based payments with cutting edge electronic deposits onto reloadable prepaid debit cards improves subject recruitment and retention by providing payees with convenient and timely payments.

Our clinical trial and research study related payment system incorporates cardholder registration, card issuance and card account loading. Our intuitive, web-based interface means payments can easily be managed remotely or on-site with no software required. Our robust, hierarchical reporting provides all parties with unparalleled visibility and control over the entire payment process. Extensive fraud controls protect payers and payees alike. And because we leverage the sophisticated Visa®/Mastercard® system, our web based card system is faster and more cost effective than traditional payment methods.

For Organizations

Privacy: Anonymous, reloadable prepaid cards keep patient PHI private, ensure data security and eliminate the risk of a HIPAA Privacy Rule violation and the penalties associated with the HITECH Act.

Cost-savings: Less expensive than cutting and mailing checks. Cards can be reloaded multiple times with varying amounts. Organizations can reduce their cost per payment by as much as 75%.

Recruitment and Retention: Instant gratification and convenience increases retention. Card branding acts as "miniature-billboard".

Efficiency: Eliminates the administrative headaches associated with managing check and cash disbursements.

API Integration: Our platform can be integrated with internal clinical trial management systems (CTMS) or electronic data capture (EDC) systems to trigger payments automatically.

Audit and Funds Control: Complete transactional transparency through web based reports and hierarchical administration on a site or program-wide basis. Physical control of card funding may be maintained at the Sponsor, CRO, Investigator or site level.

For Research Participants

Instant Gratification: Cardholders can access their payment immediately; no waiting for checks in the mail.

Convenience: Cardholders do not need a bank account or have to undergo a credit check; no check cashing fees or special trips to the bank.

Universal Acceptance: Cardholders can make purchases at over 30 million Visa merchants worldwide.

Cash Access: Access cash via PIN Debit cash back transactions and bank teller cash withdrawals.

Reloadable: Cards can be reloaded after every visit or as often as needed.

Security: If a card is lost or stolen, the remaining funds may be transferred to a replacement card.

Privacy: No personal information required to obtain a card.