A Comprehensive Payment Solution For The Life Science Industry

Our anonymous, reloadable, prepaid cards provide organizations with a cost-effecitve, efficient and secure way to deliver stipend payments and reimbursements to patients and research subjects. Cards are shipped in bulk and come pre-activated with a $0 balance to simplify the distribution process and user experience.

Our solution provides branding opportunities including a non-descript card name embossed on the front of the card and a one color logo. Have a large study and want to design your own custom card? Talk to our team for more information.

Online Payment Management

CT Payer provides a secure, web based administrators console that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device with an internet connection. Our easy to navigate and easy to use administrators console takes the pain out of the payment process. With just a few clicks, your organization and/or your affiliates can assign cards, make payments and access detailed program reports.

Our payment platform allows a single card to be reloaded multiple times with varying amounts. With each payment, we can capture and report back on the payment recipient, payment date, payment amount and other payment related descriptions of your choosing. Research participants and clinical trial study subjects have immediate access to their payments along with convenient and flexible options on how to use their funds.

Easy To Use Cards

With CT Payer, recipients no longer have to wait for their check to arrive in the mail and then travel to a bank or check cashing facility. Our prepaid cards are reloadable and reusable and deliver instant gratification.

Checking a card balance and/or transaction history is as easy as calling the toll-free customer service number on the back of the card. Lost or stolen card? No problem. Cardholders can call customer service to report their card lost/stolen and obtain a new card from their study location.

On-Demand Reporting

Thanks to our on-demand reporting, you'll never have to worry about who got paid for what and for how much. CT Payer provides a suite of reports that puts all payment related information at your finger tips.

Reports are generated by specifying a starting date and ending date along with the download file type. So whether you need to see who got paid over $600 for 1099 reporting purposes or need to export a payment file to upload payment information into your accounting software, there's a report that can help.

Communication Materials

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While we strive to make our products as easy as possible to use, we know that people will inevitably have questions which is why we provide detailed communication materials to both our admin console users and cardholders. For admin users, we provide a detailed User Guide with instructions and screenshots covering how to assign cards, make payments and access reports. For cardholders, we provide a card kit that includes card usage instructions, customer service contact information and the cardholder Terms and Conditions. We also provide your organization with a separate instruction sheet that you can customize and distribute with each card.

HIPAA Safe & IRB Approved Prepaid Cards

Our patient stipend and reimbursement solution is the only payment solution in the industry that does not require any PHI (protected health information). Be weary of any provider that requires you to provide PHI such as name, address, date of birth and social security number.

While IRBs do not provide a 'blanket' seal of approval, they do approve our payment solution when a research organization submits it with their study. At it's core, IRBs want to be sure research participants have an easy way to access all of their pay without any fees. And our solution does just that.

API Integration

Whether you're looking to fully automate the payment process or simply integrate an electronic payment option into your existing CTMS or EDC system, CT Payer can help. CT Payer has simple APIs that will help your organization further streamline the payment process and ensure that all of your desired controls are in place.

CT Payer will work with your team to design, implement, and support the integration of our payment APIs into your existing system. The end result is a fully functional and automated payment system for paying research participants.